(1) The competition committee will not provide any specific location in any country or region. Entrants shall pick up one fictional location for their design project. The requirements of customized location are as below:
• Entrants are challenged to conceive a new and original concept for timber house, however not strictly limited to the style of ‘full-timbered structure’. A degree of flexibility and alternative choices are allowed, for example ‘half-timbered’ or ‘partially wooden’, provided it is backed up with adequate justification.
• The project area is defined as a “forest area”. The location must be in a forest, or surrounded by the forest, while the density of forest is customized.
• The topography and landforms can be also customized. Entrants might add river, lake, stones, animals or any other elements that exactly exist in a real forest.
• The area of picked up location has no limitation, but should fit your design concept and theme.
• The main concept of your submitted work can be Architectural Design, Landscape Design, Planning Work, but each kind of design work should focus on the main topic of this competition – HOUSE IN FOREST – Timber House.

(2) Image submitted at least contain the following:
• General plans and layouts of the project, including floor plans and sections, scaled adequately to ensure reading and comprehension of the plans.
• Diagrams, views, sketches, renderings, or any other form of visual representation that will help explain the project.
• Constructive details that are considered essential to explain the project.
• A 450 word-long (maximum) descriptive text. Any text or description can only be delivered in English.

(3) The image or board must comply with the following format: your design must be presented in oriented A1 sheet (841mm×594mm), both horizontal display and vertical display are accepted. Minimum 72 dpi, and only JPG/PNG will be accepted. The file must be no larger than 15 MB in order to facilitate uploads and downloads. No other format or delivery style will be accepted. Other formats won’t be accepted, and only the projects uploaded on time will be on the contest.

(4) It’s only allowed to submit one A1 board for each final work. One person could enter as an individual entry or a part of team entry. It is also possible for one team to enter multiple entries. But be aware of that, one registration/payment is only for one submitted entry.

(5) Since the contest is anonymous, the names of participants must NOT be presented on the sheet with the images and in the name of the file to be sent. The name of submitted image file must be your Team Code. Your Team Code will be sent by email within 48 hours after the registration and payment process. Remember that the code is unique and valid for each submitted entry. The submission should be mailed to [email protected] with your Team Code. In case of any query, please contact us at [email protected]